Although I got access to MY BLOG via internet from the hotel,
I cannot find the way how I can type into Japanese, since the keyboard
layaout is a bit different...

This is the 3rd day of the trip and tomorrow, I will fly back to Tokyo.
Just 2 more days...

It is around 13 to 14 degree outside.
Today is cloudy.

I was expecting a climate somewhat like one in Okinawa, cause it is a bit
close geographically.
But it feels much colder than I thought.
And the rain... it is not like a SHOWER --
it has had rained for 2 day since we got here.

Except the weather,,
Foods are good, looking healthy.
People are so nice and kind.
Things are cheap.
(I know it is TOO expensive in Tokyo!)

So far, I like it here very much.

Will write about more detail when I got back.

See you!

Cinnamon in Taiwan